About Us

Who Are We?

High-quality, high-impact roadshows drive us. Since 1992, we at EventRent are passionate about bring touching brand experiences to your target audience.  We are experts in roadshows, from A to Z. We take care of the concept development, construction, support, tour planning, transport, maintenance, and management of roadshows. Our portfolio is varied as we see flexibility as key. We’re available for anything roadshow-related; whether you want to rent a standard unit for the day or need help managing international, custom productions over an extended period of time.

We are EventRent.

We move your brand.

BMW Mobile Showroom roof detailing


We pride ourselves in being the quality standard in roadshows. Not only are our roadshow vehicles constructed and maintained to the highest caliber possible, but our guidance, service, and project management are on par.
This is demonstrated by our impressive reputation in Europe. Large corporations like our clients BMW, Coca-Cola, Eaton, Heineken, Hikvison, Huawei, Porsche and Vodafone, have trusted us with their roadshows.

LG InfoWheels from above with solar panels


Innovation drives us. We think it is essential to keep on innovating to provide our clients with new, exciting ways to reach their target audience.
To do so, we develop our own roadshow trailers, to the highest standards. We’ve also created the InfoWheels market, active around Europe. This experience makes sure our engineering team are able to deliver customizable client-specific roadshow systems.
All of these factors allow us to be flexible in not only the construction and execution of roadshow events, but also in its service and management.

Eaton InfoWheels roadshow in the Middle East surrounded by palm trees


The essence of a roadshow is to travel and make events as convenient and mobile as possible, especially when crossing borders. We pride ourselves in our international network and reach. They allow us to continue crossing borders with ease.
Beginning with a Western Europe presence. Our offices and storage are located in the Netherlands and Germany, with sales offices in the United Kingdom and France, cross-selling between different locations. Our roadshows have also crossed oceans: we have had roadshows in the Middle East, South Africa, Taiwan and United States.